Brioche Donuts

Indulgence Redefined: Mastering the Art of Brioche Donuts


As you embark on the journey of creating Brioche Donuts, imagine yourself as a pastry maestro, orchestrating a symphony of flavors. The foundation of these delectable treats lies in the marriage of French finesse and American indulgence. Brioche, known for its rich, buttery crumb, forms the canvas upon which we paint the sweet allure of a donut. The result? A confection that transcends the ordinary, beckoning you into a realm where each bite is a revelation.


The aroma of yeast awakening in warm milk, the rhythmic beating of eggs into a velvety amalgamation, the gentle incorporation of butter—every step is a dance, a prelude to the sensory masterpiece that will emerge from your oven. These Brioche Donuts are not merely a recipe; they are an invitation to immerse yourself in the therapeutic art of baking.


So, as you gather your ingredients and prepare to transform your kitchen into a haven of irresistible aromas, remember that every whisk, every fold of dough, is a stroke on the canvas of your culinary creation. These Brioche Donuts are more than a treat; they are a testament to the joy of homemade indulgence.


Ingredients You’ll Need :


°800g flour


°2 to 3 eggs


°100g sugar




°1 sachet of briochin yeast (20 g)


°100g butter


°a pinch of salt


°lukewarm milk to dissolve the yeast


How To Make Brioche Donuts :


Mix all the ingredients as for bread until a smooth, non-sticky dough forms.


Make it rise twice while kneading between each rise.


Roll out the dough, cut donuts with cookie cutters, and leave them on a lightly oiled dish towel or tray.


Leave to rise away from drafts.


Heat the oil then reduce the heat so that the inside of the donuts is well cooked.


Fry, starting with the first shaped donut.


Pro Tips: Elevate Your Brioche Donut Game


  • Butter Quality Matters: Opt for high-quality unsalted butter. The richness will shine through in every bite.
  • Patience is a Virtue: Allow the dough to rise properly. This step is crucial for the development of that characteristic light, airy texture.
  • Temperature Control: Ensure your ingredients are at room temperature, especially the eggs and butter. This promotes even incorporation and a smoother dough.
  • Don’t Rush the Rise: Let the shaped donuts undergo a second rise. This extra step contributes to their fluffiness.
  • Precision in Glazing: When it comes to the glaze, achieve the perfect consistency. It should be thick enough to coat but thin enough to drip gently.


Nutrition Facts: A Dash of Conscious Indulgence

While indulging in the heavenly delight of Brioche Donuts, it’s worth considering the nutritional aspect. Each donut carries approximately 250 calories, with variations depending on glaze and toppings. Moderation is key, allowing you to savor the decadence without compromising your mindful approach to wellness.


Conclusion: A Symphony of Satisfaction

In concluding our journey through the realm of Brioche Donuts, we arrive not just at a recipe’s end but at the creation of a sensory experience. These golden orbs of joy are more than the sum of their ingredients; they are a testament to your culinary prowess. Share them with loved ones, bask in the praise, and know that, in your kitchen, you’ve mastered the art of crafting indulgence. So, go forth, create, and let the sweet symphony of homemade Brioche Donuts echo through your culinary adventures.





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